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Congratulations! on being elected as a candidate for membership into the Order of the Arrow. In most organizations, those who are already a part of the group select new members. However, with the OA, your peers, many of whom may not be OA members, selected you. They saw a quality inside of you that you might not be aware of, and they have faith in you and how you live the Scout Oath and Law. Do not fail them

Having been elected (youth) or selected (adult) and properly called out you are now ready to continue with the inductions process to become a member in the Lodge and the Order of the Arrow.

There is only one step left:

Attend an Ordeal within one year of the unit election date.

Notice to ALL candidates:

According to the Order of the Arrow Guide to Inductions, events and tests during the Ordeal are given in a stated sequence. Disrupting the sequence for any reason gravely takes away from the entire Ordeal experience; therefore, any candidate who leaves the Ordeal for any reason before the Ordeal ceremony withdraws himself from candidacy in the Order of the Arrow.

No walk-ins will be accepted and everyone must pre-register. An acknowledgement of your payment will not be sent.

No matter what you've been told by any other adult leader you must arrive at camp on Friday night before 9:00 pm. You must stay until you are dismissed Sunday morning by approximately 10:00 am. The activities Saturday night and Sunday morning are designed to enrich your Ordeal experience. You are not free to leave Saturday night.

You must bring to camp a copy of parts A & B of your BSA Annual Health and Medical Record to be turned in at check-in.

The Ordeal:

What is the Ordeal?

The Ordeal is a weekend experience in which those elected or selected learn about the customs and traditions of the Order of the Arrow and undertake a spiritual journey to discover the true meanings of leadersp, service and the Brotherhood of Scouting. You might think that this sounds like a lot to do. It is, but we have faith that you can do it. This weekend will test not only your physical strength, but your inner strength as well.

What weekends can I go through my Ordeal?

The Lodge conducts weekends in the Spring and Fall during which you can go through your Ordeal. These are held at the Council's camps.

What do I need to do?

After being called out read the Welcome Letter from the Lodge, review the What to Bring list, then Register (registration available soon) for the weekend you would like to attend. Please register by the deadline in order to attend the Ordeal weekend. A lot of work is done in preparation for the event, walkins are not accepted. You must bring a current BSA Medical form to be turned in at check in

Before you arrive on Friday night review the Ordeal schedule for the Ordeal you've elected to attend.

  • Woodruff Ordeal Schedule

  • Bert Adams Spring Ordeal Schedule

  • Bert Adams Fall Ordeal Schedule

Then come prepared to embark on a journey that will last a lifetime.

Please check back often as more detailed information becomes available it will be posted here.

What if I still have questions?

If the information above does not answer your questions please don't hesitate to contact the Ordeal Chairman, Brad Smith. He is here to serve and see that you have a memorable experience as you begin your journey.


Congratulations! Your son has been elected to be a candidate for membership in the Order of the Arrow, Scouting's National Honor Society. Take a moment and review this Welcome Letter from the Lodge. It will answer most of your questions.

We appreciate your support. While many organizations have specific committments for every member, the Order of the Arrow is unique because it offers each Scout a multitude of opportunities to serve, and your son can tailor his involvement accordingly.

An active member is a registered member that is committed to serving his home unit.

Information for parents and guardians about Order of the Arrow ceremonies

1. Parents, guardians, and Scout leaders shall not be excluded from any Boy Scout activity or function including any Order of the Arrow (OA) ceremonies.

2. Any concerned parent, guardian, or religious leader may view any OA ceremonies, attend meetings, or read scripts upon request to a council, district, lodge, or chapter official to assure themselves that there is nothing objectionable. Such persons are asked to safeguard the details relating to ceremonies for the sake of the participants. Hazing or demeaning initiation pranks are also prohibited by the OA and the BSA.

3. Induction into the OA is not a hazing or an initiation ceremony. The OA is not a secret Scout organization, and its ceremonies are open to any parent, guardian, Scout leader, or religious leader. There is an element of mystery in the ceremonies for the sake of its effect on the candidates. For this reason, ceremonies are not held in public. The ceremonies are not objectionable to any religious group.

The following pages on the National Order of the Arrow website should help with any questions you may have:

Order of the Arrow Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Order of the Arrow Information For Parents

If the information above does not answer your questions please don't hesitate to contact the Ordeal Chairman, Brad Smith. He is here to serve and see that your son has a memorable experience.


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