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"For he who serves his fellows, is of all his fellows, greatest"
- Dr. E. Urner Goodman

Service Committee

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Egwa Tawa Dee's service days are an opportunity for every arrowman in the lodge to do meaningful service in our community and to Scouting. This is a fantastic chance to get members involved, make a significant contribution to the community, Scouting, and have fun with your fellow arrowmen! We invite you to join us! The lodge typically does a spring, fall, and winter day of service but we're always ready to serve when an opportunity presents itself.

Visit the Lodge Calendar page for information on specific days of service.

Brother Service at Ordeals


Our lodge has a long history of service to our camps and this spring at both Ordeals, Woodruff and Bert Adams, we are asking our Brothers to participate in continuing this tradition of service. At both camps we have service projects planned that are “above and beyond” the usual candidate projects. Projects include installing a Yellow river outpost, maintenance and repair around camp, and even painting. Anyone who has ever seen candidates paint know why we are asking for Brothers to step up for this important step in preparing for summer camp. These projects all share a requirement for skills and abilities that generally exceed those of the typical Ordeal clan.

We are also looking for adult project managers to supervise Ordeal projects. These project managers’ primary responsibility will be to coordinate with the Elangomats to insure that assigned clan projects are completed to the Ranger’s satisfaction and any tools/equipment properly cleaned and placed for pick-up.

Brothers participating in these service projects will accrue service hours that will count towards the “Service to Scouting” requirement of the 2018 Service Hawk award along with Totem Ticket service beads. More information about the 2018 Service Hawk award can be found at

Questions may be directed to Mac McKinley at

2018 Service Hawk Award

The Service Hawk Award is meant to honor both youth and adult Arrowmen who go above and beyond in their service to Scouting, the community, and the lodge. By fulfilling the requirements below, you demonstrate that you embrace the purpose of our Order by embodying the spirit of cheerful service. Arrowmen who complete these requirements will receive the 2018 Service Hawk Award at the Winter Banquet in December.


1. Complete eight (8) hours of service in the community. A minimum of four (4) hours must be at a lodge Day of Service.

2. Complete eight (8) hours of service to Scouting. A minimum of four (4) hours must be at a lodge service project held at a lodge event.

3. Complete at least eight (8) hours of service to the lodge in one of the following:

1. Serve on Trailblazer/Adventure Camp staff.

2. Serve as an Elangomat at an Ordeal event.

3. Serve as a ceremonialist performing at least four (4) ceremonies on the lodge level. (youth only)

4. Be of service to the lodge in a role that is preapproved by the Lodge Adviser.

The deadline to submit the award application is November 4, 2018

Before starting work on this award, be sure to view the requirement criteria in the 2018 Service Hawk Award. Print a copy of the Service Hawk Award application to record your service throughout the year. Make sure to observe the criteria carefully and ensure that the service you perform is eligible for consideration in your award. Once you’ve completed the requirements, turn the completed application into either Brad Smith, Vice Chief of Program, or Mac McKinley, Lodge Adviser. Or, you can email your scanned forms to Mr. McKinley at Good luck!

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March 2, 2019
Lodge Day of Service
Chattahoochee River
National Recreation Area

March 11, 2019
Registration Deadline
Scout Challenge 2019

March 22 - 24, 2019
Scout Challenge 2019
Bert Adams Scout Camp

March 26, 2019
Registration Deadline
Section SR-9 Conclave

March 31, 2019

Volunteer Service Center

April 5 - 7, 2019
Section SR-9 Conclave
Black Creek
Scout Reservation

April 22, 2019
Registration Deadline
Induction Weekend WSC

May 3 - 5, 2019
Induction Weekend WSC
Woodruff Scout Camp

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