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Things To Know About Lodge Events

Whether this is your first Lodge event or your 10th event there are some things you should know and prepare for when attending a Lodge event.

This information applies mostly to the six weekend events the Lodge has each year. The Lodge’s service days and Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) are one day events that don’t require registration but you do have to check in and have a copy of your medical form. Winter Banquet is an evening event that requires registration and check in.

The Lodge attends two Section SR-9 events each year which operate in a similar manner to the Lodge’s weekend events but there are some differences. When participating in Section SR-9 events with the Lodge it’s best to review the event information on the Lodge web site for details.

You should always have a copy of your medical form with you at Lodge events.

Registration Deadlines:

The registration deadline for all Lodge events is the Monday approximately two weeks before the event. The deadline is set to allow sufficient time to input the registrations into LodgeMaster, arrange for food, housing and program materials. There are no late registrations or walk-ins as this disrupts the planning process for an event.

Check In:

You must check in upon arrival in camp before you do anything else. Registration at most Lodge events begins at 6:00 pm. Check in at Bert Adams Scout Camp is typically at the Love Dining Hall and at Woodruff Scout Camp is typically at the Woodruff Dining Hall. At check in you will be required to submit a copy of your current BSA Annual Health and Medical Record, receive your event patch, meal card, a Lodge Totem requirement sheet, and a schedule. The Lodge has an experienced registration team who are adept at handling any issue you may have, if you tell them about it. They can't address issues they don't know about. If you arrive in camp on Saturday rather than Friday evening you must check in first. The registration team sets up a registration area in the dining hall Friday evening and staffs it the entire weekend.

Medical Forms:

You must provide a copy of your current BSA Annual Health and Medical Record, parts A & B at check in for each event. This is a national policy applying to both youth and adult and is not subject to exception. Without your current medical form you will not be allowed to check in or attend the event. On the Sunday morning of each event you may pick up the copy of your medical form if you wish. Those medical forms not picked up will be shredded. The Lodge does not, and will not retain the copy of your medical form from event to event.


All meals are provided at each event in the dining hall. The Lodge has its own cook team and typically provides three meals on Saturday and one on Sunday plus two cracker barrels on Friday and Saturday night. Eat before you arrive on Friday night, no dinner is provided. If you have dietary restrictions please note those when you register and on your health form. The Lodge cook team is very experienced at addressing dietary restrictions but can't address what they don't know about. If your dietary restrictions are not being addressed do not hesitate to tell the cook team.


A Scout is prepared, you should always pack a tent. At Bert Adams Scout Camp we stay in the Adventure Camp tents if they are available, sometimes they are not. Adventure Camp tents are assigned by Chapter and posted at check in. Once you've identified which campsite you're assigned to proceed to that campsite and look for 3 x 5 cards affixed to each tent which will tell you whether a particular tent is assigned to youths or adults. Find an open bunk in the appropriate tent and stow your gear. At Woodruff Scout Camp campsites are assigned by Chapter and posted at check in. There are no permanent tents at Woodruff Scout Camp, you will need to pitch your own tent/tarp/hammock. There is no squatting on campsites at either camp. Campsite assignments are made at check in after the Lodge leadership consults with the Camp Ranger. You may not proceed to a campsite and set up prior to checking in.


Each Chapter is expected to provide adequate leadership for the Arrowmen in their Chapter at Lodge events in compliance with The Guide To Safe Scouting, Youth Protection Guidelines, and the Lodge Code Of Conduct contained within the Lodge Operating Procedures. The Chapter Chief, with advice from the Chapter Adviser is responsible for the members in their Chapter at Lodge events.

Code Of Conduct:

At each event every Arrowmen is expected to abide by the Lodge Code of Conduct contained in the Lodge Operating Procedures. This code is intended to provide a safe and respectful environment for all Arrowmen; youth and adult. The intent of these guidelines is to set rules on how we will conduct ourselves to each other. The purpose of these guidelines is to set a baseline, while we seek to uphold our Admonition.

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November 1 - 3, 2019
Fall Induction Weekend
Bert Adams Scout Camp

November 3, 2019
Bert Adams Scout Camp

November 25, 2019
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Winter Banquet

December 7, 2019

Volunteer Service Center

December 7, 2019
Winter Banquet
Volunteer Service Center

December 14, 2019
Alternate Lodge Day Of Service
Eastview Cemetery

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