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Unit Leaders, the Order of the Arrow is at your Service!

Troop Rep PatchOA Troop / Team Representative Program

To help promote communication between individual units and the Order of the Arrow lodge that serves them, the position of O.A. Troop/Team Representative was devised. This position of responsibility counts toward rank advancement, and will help you and your unit learn more about what Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge is up to and how their service is making a positive impact on the council's program.

Camping Promotion

Annually, the Order of the Arrow promotes camping to units in the Atlanta Area Council. These range from presentations at Council events and district roundtables, to camping presentations at individual units and the Lodge's Where to go Camping Guide.

Order of the Arrow Unit Elections

Once a year, usually from January to March, the Order of the Arrow conducts unit elections. Once elected, that youth is a candidate for membership to our organization.

We appreciate your support. While many organizations have specific committments for every member, the Order of the Arrow is unique because it offers each Scout a multitude of opportunities to serve, and your son can tailor his involvement accordingly.

An active member is a registered member that is committed to serving his home unit.

The following links should help with any questions you may have:

Order of the Arrow Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Order of the Arrow Information


The Ordeal is a weekend experience in which those elected or selected learn about the customs and traditions of the Order of the Arrow and undertake a spiritual journey to discover the true meanings of leadership, service and the Brotherhood of Scouting. As a Unit Leader you can help prepare those candidates in your Troop. Here's a letter from our Lodge Chief outlining some of the steps you can take to help your Scouts. Also don't forget to check out the Candidates page and encourage your Troop's candidates to do likewise.

If the information above does not answer your questions please don't hesitate to contact your Chapter Adviser


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